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Waymark Wealth Featured on MoneyGeek

Check out our featured articles with MoneyGeek on auto insurance, life insurance, and cash advance credit cards.

Auto Insurance

What kind of auto insurance coverage do you need? There are some coverages that the state requires, but don’t stop at just the minimum. Be sure you get the right coverage at the best price with these tips.

Life Insurance

Most of us appreciate the security and peace of mind of a life insurance policy, knowing that our loved ones will be taken care of if we pass away unexpectedly. Here are ways you can save money on premiums.

Cash Advance Credit Cards

Credit card issuers make it easy to get a cash advance, but it’s usually not worth it. Here are some alternatives to consider.

How Can You Limit the Effects of a Recession on Your Finances?

How can individuals protect themselves from the effects of a recession, or at least minimize them? And why do we seem to have a new recession every few years? recently asked Brendan those questions. You can read his answers here.


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