Our core Values:
Helping Others – Excellence – Integrity – Innovation – Family

As advocates for the compassionate care and financial planning of families and their loved ones with special needs, Waymark Wealth Management is influential in helping clients discover unconventional ways to utilize their resources.

While return on investment is important, it’s only part of the story. Waymark Wealth Management looks at goals over the long term to help clients make decisions that will elevate their life. Ground-breaking insights into the symbiotic relationship between behavioral patterns and financial stability make WWM a relevant mentor in Wealth Management.

Waymark Wealth Management integrates traditional wealth management with behavioral finance. There is a distinct difference between clients having the financial means to live the life they want and actually being able to. Behavioral finance helps clients through the values-based decision making process to help them reach their life goals.

Waymark Wealth Management’s goal is to utilize behavioral finance to help clients reach “true wealth” which is achieved when one has both the financial ability to do what they want in life and the personal means to achieve it.