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What Makes Us Different?

Holistic Planning

We devote several hours to  learn about you, your family and your goals before we  begin discussing your investments.

Low Client to Advisor Ratio

We maintain a low client to advisor ratio that allows us to address your emails and calls usually on the same day.

Our Network

From accountants to attorneys to insurance agents to mortgage brokers, we have vetted excellence-oriented professionals so you don’t have to.

SRI/ESG Investing

Many of our clients are resolved to invest in companies that mirror their personal values, and we work with them to implement socially responsible/environmental, social and governance strategies.

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Why Waymark?

Why Waymark?

We believe traditional analysis only gets you so far. That’s why we use innovative behavioral practices to gain a better understanding of your entire financial picture. Behavioral finance is about everything that affects your wealth—not just your monetary decisions, but your challenges and concerns, hopes and dreams, values and ambitions. By taking the time to go beyond the numbers, we create a plan that is designed to work towards your vision for the long term.
A waymark points travelers in the right direction along their journey. We look forward to guiding you towards the life you want.


Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Age 40 - 50

Rubik's Cube, Age 40-50

You’ve carved out a successful career, building the life of your dreams, and now you’re ready to partner with someone you can trust. 


Your income is solid and your career successful. You’ve managed your own finances to this point, but are too busy and have come to the realization you’re now earning significant income and are not giving your personal finances the attention needed. With a family to raise and goals to reach, you could use some skilled guidance for the next leg of your journey.


Age: 40-50

Annual Household Income: $150k+

Investable Assets: $500k

Net Worth: $750k

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Age 50 - 70

Etch A Sketch, Ages 50-70

You’ve reached the prime of your career and are preparing to wind down. You’re in transition as you approach your retirement years and need skilled guidance.

Along the way, you’ve made some smart decisions, and you’re in a pretty good place. You’ve taken care of your family and your responsibilities, and now you’re looking forward to retiring well. As you transition, you want to have skilled guidance to help make big decisions that will shape the rest of your life, such as when to take your pension or Social Security, creating an income that will replace your paycheck, ensuring your insurance needs are met, and more.


Age: 50-70

Annual Household Income: $200k+

Investable Assets: $1MM+

Net Worth: $1.5MM+

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Age 70+

Slinky, Age 70+

You’re ready to live the retirement you deserve. You’d like skilled guidance not only to avoid missteps but also to help you leave a legacy for the next generation.

The time has come to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Congratulations!  You’ve done well for yourself and your family. Now your biggest goal is making sure nothing goes awry so you can remain financially independent for life. You’ve heard stories about health care costs and long-term care issues undermining retirees’ peace of mind. You would like to have skilled guidance not only to avoid missteps but also to help you leave a legacy for the next generation.

Age: 70+

Annual Household Income: $50k+

Investable Assets: $1MM+

Net Worth: $1.5MM+

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Our Process

Our Process

At Waymark Wealth Management, we believe that simply constructing a financial plan will not, in and of itself, improve a client’s financial situation. Instead, it is when a client actually implements quality advice that true value can be created.

Because of this, we have developed a personalized financial planning process designed not only to create a roadmap for seeking, pursuing, or addressing financial success but also to compel a client to take action to follow the plan. Waymark utilizes behavioral finance exercises to better understand a client’s decision-making process.
These exercises enable Waymark to be aware of a client’s top values so they can understand why they may or may not support a recommendation later on in the financial planning process. They also help Waymark tailor their advice to a client’s values and communicate recommendations in a manner that is natural for a client. 

Our Fees

Our Fees

At Waymark Wealth Management, we are transparent and up front about fees. Our fees are based on the time involved in meeting with you, learning about your financial goals, analyzing your situation, and implementing solutions customized just for you. 

​We understand different clients have different needs. Although the vast majority of our clients are best served when they elect to be a "Planner Client," we will work with you to determine which of our three models suits you best. Explore our plans and discover the right path for your needs.

​Are You Ready to Put a Plan in Place?


It’s time to begin moving in the right direction along your journey. Waymark is here to guide the way to the life you want.

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Be Well

Be Well. Do Good.®

​Just like salt amplifies the flavor of foods, money amplifies the influence people can have on the world.  But money is not the only catalyst for doing good.  Individuals also must be proactive and make conscious choices.  By being proactive, people are more likely to be effective and achieve better outcomes than those who are passive.

Our mission, therefore, is to work with good people who want to do great things in the world.  We are here to help them make proactive choices with their money by maximizing their respective impacts.  When they marry proactive behaviors with their money, they ultimately will Be Well & Do Good.

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