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Cyber Insecurity – Protecting Yourself from Fraud & Identity Theft

Guest speaker, Christina Cuffari, is the Director of Sales Technology for Prudential’s Individual Solutions Group. In this webinar, she talks about the importance of taking steps to deter identity thieves by safeguarding your personal information. She covers the ways you can implement preventative measures to detect suspicious activity, monitor your information, and defend against identity theft as soon as you suspect a problem.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Internet and Investing Online

  • Cyber Insecurity and Data Breaches

  • Fraud and Identity Theft

  • Precautions to Take to Deter Identity Thieves

  • Ways to Detect Suspicious Activity

  • Best Practices to Defend Your Information in Today’s World

You can watch this video and others on the Waymark Wealth Management YouTube channel

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