Keeping your personal and financial data safe and secure is a big topic of conversation these days.  It’s important to protect your personal data and online information just as you would your money.  Here at Waymark Wealth, we take special steps to safeguard your financial account information online and off-line.  Whether securely transmitting financial documents or viewing your Waymark Wealth portfolios & personal financial documents through your EMoney Advisor portal security is always on our mind.

Here are some Cyber Security Tips to Stay Safe Online –  Remember“Personal Information is Like Money

  1. Stay Safe Online – Beware of Cyber Phishing before clicking or opening an attachment
  2. Online Shopping – Research, use only trusted sites & safe payment options
  3. Safely Store Your Data – Back-up your files and data on a secure offsite system
  4. Stop. Think. Connect™. – Be careful of viruses, spyware and malware

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