Before we suggest a product or talk about a plan, we take the time to help you identify personal values, unique challenges, and goals for the future. We understand money can be stressful. Our process empowers you to make better financial decisions because it’s based on your beliefs. Think of it as your own road map to financial independence.


At Waymark Wealth Management, we believe that simply contracting a financial plan will not, in and of itself, improve a Client’s financial situation. Instead, it is when a Client actually implements quality advice that true value can be created.
Because of this,The advisors (or professionals; consultants) at Waymark Wealth Management have contracted a personalized financial planning process designed, not only to build a blueprint for seeking, pursuing, or addressing financial success, but also to compel a Client to take action to execute that blueprint.
Waymark Wealth Management utilizes Behavioral Finance exercises to better understand a Client’s decision-making process. These exercises allow WWM to be aware of a Client’s top values so they can understand why they may or may not support a recommendation later on in the financial planning process. They also help WWM tailor their advice to a Client’s values and communicate recommendations in a manner that is natural for a Client.

Introducing VISOR
V – Values and Vision: Developing value-aligned goals
 I – Importance: Prioritizing goals and ensuring they are aligned with one’s values
S – Supporting Resources: Wealth Management to assure plans align with goals
O – Obstacles:Identifying obstacles that may prevent one from reaching their goals
R – Readiness: Emotional and overall readiness to move forward towards the goal

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